INTO HRM is a full-service partner for HR development.

We have an extensive experience in various human resources management tasks and we know what it takes for the top management as well as the middle management and the personnel to create an international success story.

We offer coaching and recruiting services for quality-seeking clients. Our clients include multinational corporations as well as growth-seeking startups.

Our services

Business Coaching

Coaching is an efficient and productive way to develop personnel. We do business coaching as one-in-one training or as group coaching.


Our headhunting services help you efficiently find the right people for top management, middle management and expert positions.

HR manager services

We offer Human Resources manager services on a monthly basis or for specific projects.

Our customers

We have executed coaching and recruiting projects for over 20 different companies. Our diverse clientele include large multinational corporations and startups hungry for success. A common factor for our clients is their understanding of the significance of HR for the competitiveness of their company as well as a genuine interest to develop the competence and the well-being of their personnel.